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Executive Staff Senate

Executive Staff Senate is charged with the responsibility of making sure that all staff members are equitably represented in the operation of the colleges, as well as the District. 


The mission of the Staff Senates of the Alamo Colleges District shall include—but not be limited to—advocacy for the career advancement, job welfare and working environment of all staff at the respective entities for which each Staff Senate is formed.

The further mission of the ESS is to give voice to the collective interests and concerns of all Alamo Colleges District staff employees.


A work environment for all employees of the Alamo Colleges District that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communication, personal accountability, professionalism, trust and mutual respect.

District-wide Employee of the Month

The District-wide Employee of the Month is selected by the Senate Presidents from among the winners of the employee of the month award. The recognition is awarded monthly during the regular board meetings. The award celebrates colleagues who exemplify the Alamo Colleges District Values.


Executive Staff Senators

Senate Officers

The Staff Senates of the Alamo Colleges District shall maintain a permanent committee consisting of two (2) delegates from each Staff Senate.

These delegates will be the President and Vice President of each Staff Senate or a designee when the President or Vice President is not in attendance.

This committee shall be referred to as the Executive Staff Senate (ESS) and will represent the common and collective interests of all the Staff Senates. The structure and functions of the ESS are outlined in Article IV.


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Nicholas Blakeney

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